Other Sectors

Given the widespread and systemic use of Uyghur forced labour in the Uyghur Region and other regions in China, there are significant risks of Uyghur forced labour in numerous sectors beyond apparel and textiles and solar. Other sectors at high risk include, but are not limited to: tomatoes, electronics, hair products and paper pulp. 

Until the Uyghur forced labour system is dismantled, the Coalition calls on businesses in all sectors to take the verifiable measures outlined in our Call to Action:

  • Stop sourcing any raw materials, inputs or finished products from the Uyghur Region. 
  • Cut ties with companies implicated in forced labour – those that have operations in the Uyghur region and have accepted government subsidies and/or government-supplied labour at these operations. 
  • Prohibit any supplier factories located outside of the Uyghur Region from using Uyghurs or Turkic or Muslim workers supplied through the Chinese government’s forced labour transfer scheme.

We encourage businesses in all sectors to publicly take a stand against Uyghur forced labour by signing the Call to Action and engaging with the Coalition on measures to ensure they are not profiting from Uyghur forced labour.