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Sourcing Journal

Stringency of US Forced Labor Law Is Crucial to Its Success

For far too long, many companies have been able to hide behind opaque supply chains replete with human rights abuses. Business as usual, however, is no longer a given in light of the crisis occurring in the Uyghur Region, where the government of China is targeting the Uyghur population and other Turkic and Muslim-majority peoples, on a massive scale, with multiple forms of involuntary labor. Import prohibitions with broad and flexible enforcement powers are absolutely essential in the fight against these kinds of practices.

Ottawa Citizen

Teich and Tohti: Forced Labour of Uyghurs Taints the Seafood Industry too

The state-sponsored forced labour of Uyghurs taints the supply chains of at least several dozen multinational corporations. This has been well-researched in the garment industry, where numerous apparel giants have been implicated, including Nike and Zara. But Uyghur forced labour permeates numerous other industries, many of which are only recently coming to light. One such industry: seafood.

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