A growing body of evidence links major corporations around the world to Uyghur forced labour. Learn more about the scale of Uyghur forced labour and the way it manifests in global supply chains. The below reports are written by researchers and institutions that are independent from the Coalition to End Forced Labour in the Uyghur Region.

Forced Labor in the Uyghur Region (Feb 2024) Jamestown Foundation
Asleep at the Wheel (Feb 2024) Human Rights Watch
Respecting Rights in Renewable Energy (Jan 2024) Anti-Slavery International Investor Alliance for Human Rights, and Sheffield Hallam University
Tailoring Responsibility (Dec 2023) Sheffield Hallam University
Fractured Veins (Oct 2023) C4ADS
The Uyghurs Forced to Process the World’s Fish (Oct 2023) The New Yorker
The Structure of Forced Labor Programs in the Uyghur Region (Oct 2023) Uyghur Rights Monitor
Over-Exposed (Aug 2023) Sheffield Hallam University
Coercive Labor in the Cotton Harvest in the Uyghur Region and Uzbekistan (May 2023) Harvard Dataverse
Evidence Briefs (Apr 2023) Sheffield Hallam University
Driving Force (Dec 2022) Sheffield Hallam University and Nomogaia
Passively Funding Crimes Against Humanity (Dec 2022) Hong Kong Watch
Sins of a Solar Empire (Nov 2022) The Breakthrough Institute
Fruits of Uyghur Forced Labour (Aug 2022) Uyghur Human Rights Project
OHCHR Assessment of Human Rights Concerns in the XUAR (Aug 2022) UN Human Rights Office of the Commissioner
Report of the Special Rapporteur on Contemporary Forms of Slavery (July 2022) UN Human Rights Office of the Commissioner
Until Nothing is Left (July 2022) Sheffield Hallam University
Built on Repression (June 2022) Sheffield Hallam University and Material Research
Shifting Gears (June 2022) Center for Advanced Defense Studies
Everybody's Business (May 2022) Center for Advanced Defense Studies
Base Problem (Apr 2022) Horizon Advisory
Financing & Genocide (Feb 2022) Sheffield Hallam University, Atlantic Council, DFR Lab, & Nomogaia
Coercive Labour and Forced Displacement in Xinjiang (Dec 2021) Jamestown Foundation
Long Shadows (Aug 2021) Center for Advanced Defense Studies
Laundering Cotton (Nov 2021) Sheffield Hallam University
In Broad Daylight (May 2021) Sheffield Hallam University
“Break Their Lineage, Break Their Roots” (Apr 2021) Human Rights Watch
Coercive Labour in Xinjiang (Dec 2020) Newsline Institute for Strategy and Policy
Global Supply Chains, Forced Labour, and the XUAR (Mar 2020) Congressional-Executive Commission on China
Uyghurs for Sale (Mar 2020) Australian Strategic Policy Institute
Connecting the Dots in Xinjiang (Oct 2019) Center for Strategic and International Studies