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EV Makers’ Use of Chinese Suppliers Raises Concerns About Forced Labor

But Tesla has been conspicuously silent when it comes to China, despite evidence that materials that go into its vehicles come from the Xinjiang region, where forced labor has been rampant. Firms that appear to undermine a U.S. ban on products made in Xinjiang emerge near the top of Tesla’s sprawling network of suppliers, according to a Washington Post examination of corporate records and Chinese media reports.

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Regulatory Crackdown on Slavery in Cotton Supply Chains a Wake-Up Call for Fashion Brands

Allegations about the state-imposed forced labour in the Xinjiang province of China, where there have been claims that Uyghur Muslims are subjected to forced labour in prison-like conditions, where they are tortured, separated from their families and forced to renounce their faith - conditions described as “crimes against humanity” by a U.N. report last year - have focused lawmakers’ minds on the issue.

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